Soteira Kickstarter and Some Fun News

Sunday Scaries

I hope you’re having a good weekend! Autumn has arrived full force and I am chilly, but I find that preferable to the heat so I’ll take it.

As I’ve mentioned before, Soteira Press, started by NoSleep legend R.C. Bowman (Dopabeane) will be publishing my story “The Serpent of Woodsfield” in the third volume of a massive, three-part anthology entitled “The Monsters We Forgot.” All three volumes will be released on Friday, December 13th, and you can help Soteira Press (a small, independent publisher) and get some cool gifts by backing their kickstarter right here. This will be my first published piece and I’m extremely excited to be a part of this collection!

Two recent stories of mine have been narrated and you can listen to them now. Housebreaking, a story I enjoyed writing and was happy with, was narrated by Gothic Rose, check it out here, and “I run a cursed images account…” was narrated by Undead Storyteller, give it a listen here.

For work you can buy this week, two NoSleep authors I really enjoy have recent collections out that I recommend picking up. Check out Blair Daniels’ Don’t Scream 2 and Melody Grace’s Nocturnal Nightmares. Both are available on Kindle for under $5 combined, which gets you nearly 75 great stories (they also have very reasonable paperback rates if, like me, you enjoy holding a book in your hands).

Finally, I thought I’d share three of my favorite R.C. Bowman stories, given the countdown to “The Monsters We Forgot.” Because You Are My Baby is a haunting, beautiful story about loss and the things we do for the ones we love. In They told me I was nothing but a dog, a young girl with mysterious powers finds herself battling her enigmatic grandfather’s plans for her (this story is my personal favorite). Finally, The Puppet in the tree is about an urban legend terrorizing a child that will leave you questioning what is real and what isn’t.

Hope you’re all enjoying this weather and had lovely Halloweens.


New Format! More stories!

Third weekend of the month horror stories! Patch Lane, Cursed Images, and Neurohorror.

First, a bit of an administrative announcement: this newsletter has struggled to find its form, and I’ve been looking for something that will support a couple emails a month, especially during times where my writing is being driven towards some anthology projects (and thus not immediately available to read), and I think I’ve settled on it. So, starting now (just down below these words! Keep going!) I’ll be providing twice-monthly: (1) an update on my projects, (2) some work from authors I enjoy that is available for purchase, and (3) some work from authors I enjoy you can read for free! It should be a fun way to highlight some great work while ensuring I’m sending this out regularly.

My updates, as mentioned above, are mostly projects you can’t get your hands on yet. However I did publish the free, short I run a cursed images website, the recent submissions are scaring me this week which was fun quick one with a creepy ending, I hope you enjoy.

In terms of work you can purchase, S.F. Barkley adapted her NoSleep-monthly-awarding-winning story I’m a cop and I keep getting called to the same house into a forthcoming full-length novel from Between the Lines Publishing. Available this Tuesday, October 22nd, Patch Lane can be pre-ordered now. I’m personally very excited for this one!

A second link this week is to Modern Dread: Neurohorror, a collection of 4 horror novellas by Charlotte O’Farrell, David Feuling, Micah Edwards, and Derek Hawke. These four writers collaborated, each providing one frightening novella to this fantastic collection.

For some free stories you can read now, each newsletter I’ll highlight either an author or a group of stories on a similar theme that you can read now (for free!).

This week I’ll be doing the former, and highlighting the work of NoSleep Writer PoloniumPoisoning. She is a Brazilian writer and is prolific (more than 30 stories in the last two months) and is constantly churning out popular stories (despite, and this fact amazes me when I read her work, not writing in her native language).

I asked her to share five of her favorite stories of her own to share, along with one by someone else that she really liked, here they are:

My town survives by making human sacrifices. But someone had to go and ruin everything. I’ve loved folk horror stories about secluded towns and the deals they make to protect themselves since a reading of The Lottery (at probably far too young an age), and this one is a great story in that same vein. This tale is set in a slightly different setting, but with the same deadly odds.

My best friend Felicity Mills went missing 35 years ago, at age 17. Not even her remains were found also deals with a remote community trying to survive in a changing world, and the lengths people will go to protect it. This one strips away the supernatural edge, and deals with the horror that is people.

The family experiment (warning: self harm and sexual situations): This series deals with a family locked in a house and monitored around the clock for an experiment. The catch? They’re completely blocked off from the world, and they can never leave.

My patient has been feeling invisible hairs inside her left eye for 8 years (warning: self harm). This story is wildly uncomfortable and creepy, if you like body horror this one will leave you squirming.

The Lazarus Experiment (recommended by this week’s author, written by Richard Saxon): a found diary explores a wartime experiment gone wrong, with a horrible twist ending.

Hope you enjoy this week’s stories.


October and Uncle Fester(ing ones)

Scary stories for your weekend!

Where did the last almost a month go? Not to publishing, where I have not had anything else to put out but did manage to create a new organizational post for my subreddit (I promise I’ve got a lot of fun stuff coming!), but October is here and fall has arrived and I don’t quite know where September went.

The podcast Curse Land, where I’ve been happily featured before, got together with me again for a narration of my recent story The Black Cloud, be sure to check it out here, I was really happy with this story (which started as a joke) and the narration.

What have I been reading? Well, NoSleep favorite S.H. Cooper has a new novella out yesterday I’ve been dying to get my hands on. The novella, the first chapter of which you can read for free here, is based on a girl remembering the monster who killed her father years before, and how years later she realizes the monster is real and still preying on innocent victims. Pick it up The Festering Ones in ebook or paperback.

I’ve also been (finally) working my way through Michael Wehunt’s collection Greener Pastures. It is just as good as promised, and while it is difficult to choose, October Film Haunt may be my favorite story thus far. It’s a deeply unsettling story about a group who locates the scene of a notorious cult horror film, and decides to complete shooting it, only to find that the film was far more real than they imagined. It’s terrifying and fantastic, and the collection is very much worth the read.

NoSleep is rolling out a Spooktober contest, where each day they invite stories related to a specific theme. Be sure to check it out and vote for your favorites, I hope to have a few in there by the end of the month.

Finally, a story that I really enjoyed recently is Something in the sea keeps leaving lures to catch me. It’s a spooky one where a widower continues to find increasingly elaborate traps around his home, designed to pull him into something waiting in the sea. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, and the ocean always provides such a great setting for spooky stories.

What do you have planned for fall? Anyone heading to see the NoSleep Podcast on tour? Let me know!


Zombies and Mysterious Houses and Monsters that Protect Us

Sunday Scaries

Good morning!

Been reading, and writing, and have some fun work to share!

Born from a night of not sleeping well, I churned out The Monster With the Stars two weeks ago and enjoyed it. It’s shorter than most of my work and I had some fun with it, a few hours of sleep can be useful for some things!

I also revisited a connected series of stories with my new story Housebreaking, a story so scary it has been banned from NoSleep (or at least that’s the version of events I’m sticking with), about a family whose members all own mysterious houses that look exactly the same. It’s a story I’m particularly happy with, so be sure to check it out. Once you read that, if you want to check out the earlier connected stories you can find them here and here.

I’ve been reading a lot lately, and have to recommend R.C. Bowman’s newest Novella, Hoarder House (non-affiliate link). Bowman (who writes under the name Dopabeane on NoSleep) is one of my absolute favorite writers, and this story follows a cleanup crew sent to a mysterious house after the death of the owner. Paintings in the house connect it to different worlds, and the protagonist has to safely navigate between hidden agendas where nothing is as it seems. Hauntingly beautiful, I can’t recommend this one enough.

Finally, for a fresh take on zombie stories, several authors I love worked together on a fun collaboration injected some fresh ideas into the genre. If time travel, bananas, and exploding zombies (along with some expertly manicured lawns) sounds fun, you can find all of the stories available here.



Disappearing Towns, Big News, and the NoSleep Podcast

Sunday Morning Scaries

Good morning! Two bits of big news!

First, one of my favorite stories was featured on last week’s episode of the NoSleep Podcast! Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is one of my two favorite stories that I’ve written and hearing the incredible team at the NoSleep Podcast bring it to life was a dream come true.

In the other bit of big news, one of my stories will be published in an upcoming anthology by Soteira Press! The story is exclusive to the publication, and I’ll be able to share more details (like a publishing date) in the coming weeks, but I’m very excited!

Finally, another of my recent stories, The Black Cloud, was recently narrated by Gothic Rose, who has narrated several of my recent stories. Check it out here!

I thought I’d offer something a little different in terms of stories this week (since I haven’t done much reading). I thought I’d share four stories with a bit of a theme that I’ve enjoyed in the past (let me know if you prefer this, or if you would prefer a collection of recent stories!). I thought I would share four stories about towns that have disappeared under mysterious circumstances!

The Eidola is a haunting story about an evil haunting a town and how a simple mistake could cause great damage to it. It really hits on an emotional level, and while is slightly different than the other stories in here is too good not to list.

The Disappearance of Ashley, Kansas is a classic Nosleep/Creepypasta story about a fictional town in Kansas disappearing after a (possibly supernatural) earthquake has been so widely spread about the internet that Snopes felt the need to debunk it.

Deniehyfield, Australia is being dismantled takes more of an out-of-this-world bent on this type of story, but is still unsettling in a deeply creepy way.

Finally, my personal favorite, Has anyone heard of this city?! No one seems to remember it, and something horrific might have happened to it is absolutely fantastic. What if a city disappeared and no one remembered it? What if the people were caught somewhere else? It’s wonderfully written and packs a real emotional punch was well.

Did I miss one of your favorites? Let me know! Otherwise enjoy your Sunday!


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