(#6) Suddenly July and we're halfway through 2020

What a year it has been.

Well, welcome to my second monthly newsletter of 2020. I had high hopes I would get this out regularly but in my defense the world has been awful. A lot has happened since March, but I’ll have a lot more to share regularly coming up!

I was extremely touched to win two of the NoSleep community’s annual awards for 2019. My story “There is a Serial Killer That Everyone Else Thinks Is Dead” won the award for Best Story With Under 500 Upvotes and my story “Forever, A Drug” won the Best Single Part Story of the Year. It meant the world to have so many people enjoy these.

Speaking of that particular serial killer tale, The HeroAskew recently narrated the story for his youtube channel and it’s one of my favorite narrations ever. Check it out and subscribe to his channel while you’re there.

Have I been publishing much? No. Have I been reading much? Also no, but I’m hoping that is going to change. This stretch of summer has brought four books I’m very excited to read. Laird Barron continued his Isaiah Coleridge series with Worse Angels, Paul Tremblay recently released his “zombie” pandemic novel (with incredible timing) Survivor Song, Silvia Moreno-Garcia released the (now New York Times bestselling) Mexican Gothic, and Stephen Graham Jones will release his eagerly anticipated The Only Good Indians on July 14th. I’d recommend grabbing all four even without having had a chance to read them yet, these are all top notch writers.

For next month I am also eagerly reading a review copy of S.H. Cooper’s upcoming collection: All That’s Fair, and hope to have my thoughts on that too.

Finally, if you’re looking for something to read right now, I recently got to finally read “The Eight People Who Murdered Me (Excerpt from Lucy Westenra’s Diary)” by Gwendolyn Kiste. It’s an incredible short story (read it for free) featuring a new direction for the story of Dracula, and deservedly won the Bram Stoker Award for Best Short Fiction.

I hope you’re all safe. Please make healthy decisions for yourselves and the people around you (wear a mask). See you next month.


March Update

Things are scary, Be Kind

Hi all. Remember my monthly newsletter? That hasn’t been sent since December? Doing great!

This will be a short one, as there are more pressing things in the world, but I thought today I would offer a little escape if you need it.

If you’re looking for some scary stuff that is not the news, I have a free story out today for Friday the 13th, and S.H. Cooper, whose work I have featured here before, has made her two short story collections, The Corpse Garden and From Twisted Roots, free e-book purchases on Amazon today only.

I will send healing thoughts to all of you. I hope you are all healthy, and safe, and taking adequate precautions in this scary time. Be kind to each other.


December 2019 Newsletter: Looking Forward and Looking Back

Reflections on a Frightening 2019

I recently looked back at my writing goals for 2019 (both ones I thought were realistic and ones I thought would be a stretch): write one story a month, have a story accepted for narration by the NoSleep podcast, and win a NoSleep monthly contest. Things went better than expected!

I wrote 14 stories you can read, completely free, online right now. Some are better than others, and some I’m very proud of (scroll down for some recent additions to the list). My story, Forever, A Drug, won the April NoSleep monthly contest, and my story Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea was featured on the NoSleep Podcast.

I had two additional stories that have been picked up for publication that you can purchase. My original story “The Serpent of Woodsfield” is featured in the Soteira Press collection “The Monsters We Forgot, Vol. 3”, available now in ebook and paperback.

My original story “The Christmas Hunt” is appears in “Scary Snippets: Christmas Edition” available now. This collection is a group of stories under 600 words, and will be a fun and spooky holiday collection to check out. Available now in ebook and paperback.

I’ve had several stories out lately, and want to share:

I made it to the hospital too slowly yesterday was published online on 11/11, a year after the previous piece in the story was published (the delay is part of the story). This story was tricky to write, because I wanted to match myself to a writing style that has changed a lot in the last year, but I hope you enjoy.

I revisited a character in an older story, for Boxes Under the Tree, part of a planned Christmas collaboration over at NoSleep. This one revisits a character I first wrote here, and was fun to revisit.

I have a lot coming in 2020, including a lot of longer pieces that will appear less frequently, but are stories I’m really proud of and excited for. This newsletter will be sent monthly, mid-month, along with a short thread or two when I have something exciting to share.

Finally I wanted to leave you with this list of scary holiday stories, in case you need help getting into the season.

Tidings of comfort and joy to you all,


Soteira Kickstarter and Some Fun News

Sunday Scaries

I hope you’re having a good weekend! Autumn has arrived full force and I am chilly, but I find that preferable to the heat so I’ll take it.

As I’ve mentioned before, Soteira Press, started by NoSleep legend R.C. Bowman (Dopabeane) will be publishing my story “The Serpent of Woodsfield” in the third volume of a massive, three-part anthology entitled “The Monsters We Forgot.” All three volumes will be released on Friday, December 13th, and you can help Soteira Press (a small, independent publisher) and get some cool gifts by backing their kickstarter right here. This will be my first published piece and I’m extremely excited to be a part of this collection!

Two recent stories of mine have been narrated and you can listen to them now. Housebreaking, a story I enjoyed writing and was happy with, was narrated by Gothic Rose, check it out here, and “I run a cursed images account…” was narrated by Undead Storyteller, give it a listen here.

For work you can buy this week, two NoSleep authors I really enjoy have recent collections out that I recommend picking up. Check out Blair Daniels’ Don’t Scream 2 and Melody Grace’s Nocturnal Nightmares. Both are available on Kindle for under $5 combined, which gets you nearly 75 great stories (they also have very reasonable paperback rates if, like me, you enjoy holding a book in your hands).

Finally, I thought I’d share three of my favorite R.C. Bowman stories, given the countdown to “The Monsters We Forgot.” Because You Are My Baby is a haunting, beautiful story about loss and the things we do for the ones we love. In They told me I was nothing but a dog, a young girl with mysterious powers finds herself battling her enigmatic grandfather’s plans for her (this story is my personal favorite). Finally, The Puppet in the tree is about an urban legend terrorizing a child that will leave you questioning what is real and what isn’t.

Hope you’re all enjoying this weather and had lovely Halloweens.


New Format! More stories!

Third weekend of the month horror stories! Patch Lane, Cursed Images, and Neurohorror.

First, a bit of an administrative announcement: this newsletter has struggled to find its form, and I’ve been looking for something that will support a couple emails a month, especially during times where my writing is being driven towards some anthology projects (and thus not immediately available to read), and I think I’ve settled on it. So, starting now (just down below these words! Keep going!) I’ll be providing twice-monthly: (1) an update on my projects, (2) some work from authors I enjoy that is available for purchase, and (3) some work from authors I enjoy you can read for free! It should be a fun way to highlight some great work while ensuring I’m sending this out regularly.

My updates, as mentioned above, are mostly projects you can’t get your hands on yet. However I did publish the free, short I run a cursed images website, the recent submissions are scaring me this week which was fun quick one with a creepy ending, I hope you enjoy.

In terms of work you can purchase, S.F. Barkley adapted her NoSleep-monthly-awarding-winning story I’m a cop and I keep getting called to the same house into a forthcoming full-length novel from Between the Lines Publishing. Available this Tuesday, October 22nd, Patch Lane can be pre-ordered now. I’m personally very excited for this one!

A second link this week is to Modern Dread: Neurohorror, a collection of 4 horror novellas by Charlotte O’Farrell, David Feuling, Micah Edwards, and Derek Hawke. These four writers collaborated, each providing one frightening novella to this fantastic collection.

For some free stories you can read now, each newsletter I’ll highlight either an author or a group of stories on a similar theme that you can read now (for free!).

This week I’ll be doing the former, and highlighting the work of NoSleep Writer PoloniumPoisoning. She is a Brazilian writer and is prolific (more than 30 stories in the last two months) and is constantly churning out popular stories (despite, and this fact amazes me when I read her work, not writing in her native language).

I asked her to share five of her favorite stories of her own to share, along with one by someone else that she really liked, here they are:

My town survives by making human sacrifices. But someone had to go and ruin everything. I’ve loved folk horror stories about secluded towns and the deals they make to protect themselves since a reading of The Lottery (at probably far too young an age), and this one is a great story in that same vein. This tale is set in a slightly different setting, but with the same deadly odds.

My best friend Felicity Mills went missing 35 years ago, at age 17. Not even her remains were found also deals with a remote community trying to survive in a changing world, and the lengths people will go to protect it. This one strips away the supernatural edge, and deals with the horror that is people.

The family experiment (warning: self harm and sexual situations): This series deals with a family locked in a house and monitored around the clock for an experiment. The catch? They’re completely blocked off from the world, and they can never leave.

My patient has been feeling invisible hairs inside her left eye for 8 years (warning: self harm). This story is wildly uncomfortable and creepy, if you like body horror this one will leave you squirming.

The Lazarus Experiment (recommended by this week’s author, written by Richard Saxon): a found diary explores a wartime experiment gone wrong, with a horrible twist ending.

Hope you enjoy this week’s stories.


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