Cursed lockets and good stories

Good morning!

I have a new story out today. It’s very meta, not at all like my normal writing, plus it has the kind of wildly clickbaity title that everyone loves on NoSleep. Check out I own a cursed necklace that is going to cause the end of the world, and I need your help in delaying it. It was inspired by the fantastic Nicole Cliffe’s mourning necklace that is definitely haunted (check out Nicole’s substack here).

All done? Great, because I’ve got a lot of great stories I enjoyed reading that I think you will too (as a reminder, I wrote none of these, they’re just recommendations for good reading).

There was some really haunting, beautiful horror written recently, and I’d recommend the deeply personal My mother spent her life crying wolf, and it killed her horribly and the beautiful The wind comes from the wrong direction.

I always enjoy the NoSleep stories where someone has a complex set of rules for living in a supernatural situation. There have been two great series lately exploring that, so please check out The previous tenant of my new flat left a survival guide. I’m not sure I want to live here anymore and How to Survive Camping.

Four more stories I really enjoyed? A wild look at the mythical Valravn in I will Consume Your Young, the beautifully written and creepy The Girl Named Bea, the unsettling My family waited 20 years to open a 100 year old time capsule, and, if you’re in the mood for a creepy evil fungus that might cause the end of the world, check out The Praying Fungus.

Finally, I wanted to share some older series that are among my favorites ever. My Dad Finally Told Me What Happened That Day is a series in the vein of Penpal, with a dark, supernatural twist. We Made Up a Ghost, Now It’s Killing Us is a series I would love to see turned into a movie, as a group of adults come together to remember a ghost they willed into existence years before, that they can no longer control. Finally, The Summer I Met David, about an evil force on a farm is so creepy that I’ve read it at least three times.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!