December 2019 Newsletter: Looking Forward and Looking Back

Reflections on a Frightening 2019

I recently looked back at my writing goals for 2019 (both ones I thought were realistic and ones I thought would be a stretch): write one story a month, have a story accepted for narration by the NoSleep podcast, and win a NoSleep monthly contest. Things went better than expected!

I wrote 14 stories you can read, completely free, online right now. Some are better than others, and some I’m very proud of (scroll down for some recent additions to the list). My story, Forever, A Drug, won the April NoSleep monthly contest, and my story Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea was featured on the NoSleep Podcast.

I had two additional stories that have been picked up for publication that you can purchase. My original story “The Serpent of Woodsfield” is featured in the Soteira Press collection “The Monsters We Forgot, Vol. 3”, available now in ebook and paperback.

My original story “The Christmas Hunt” is appears in “Scary Snippets: Christmas Edition” available now. This collection is a group of stories under 600 words, and will be a fun and spooky holiday collection to check out. Available now in ebook and paperback.

I’ve had several stories out lately, and want to share:

I made it to the hospital too slowly yesterday was published online on 11/11, a year after the previous piece in the story was published (the delay is part of the story). This story was tricky to write, because I wanted to match myself to a writing style that has changed a lot in the last year, but I hope you enjoy.

I revisited a character in an older story, for Boxes Under the Tree, part of a planned Christmas collaboration over at NoSleep. This one revisits a character I first wrote here, and was fun to revisit.

I have a lot coming in 2020, including a lot of longer pieces that will appear less frequently, but are stories I’m really proud of and excited for. This newsletter will be sent monthly, mid-month, along with a short thread or two when I have something exciting to share.

Finally I wanted to leave you with this list of scary holiday stories, in case you need help getting into the season.

Tidings of comfort and joy to you all,