Disappearing Towns, Big News, and the NoSleep Podcast

Sunday Morning Scaries

Good morning! Two bits of big news!

First, one of my favorite stories was featured on last week’s episode of the NoSleep Podcast! Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is one of my two favorite stories that I’ve written and hearing the incredible team at the NoSleep Podcast bring it to life was a dream come true.

In the other bit of big news, one of my stories will be published in an upcoming anthology by Soteira Press! The story is exclusive to the publication, and I’ll be able to share more details (like a publishing date) in the coming weeks, but I’m very excited!

Finally, another of my recent stories, The Black Cloud, was recently narrated by Gothic Rose, who has narrated several of my recent stories. Check it out here!

I thought I’d offer something a little different in terms of stories this week (since I haven’t done much reading). I thought I’d share four stories with a bit of a theme that I’ve enjoyed in the past (let me know if you prefer this, or if you would prefer a collection of recent stories!). I thought I would share four stories about towns that have disappeared under mysterious circumstances!

The Eidola is a haunting story about an evil haunting a town and how a simple mistake could cause great damage to it. It really hits on an emotional level, and while is slightly different than the other stories in here is too good not to list.

The Disappearance of Ashley, Kansas is a classic Nosleep/Creepypasta story about a fictional town in Kansas disappearing after a (possibly supernatural) earthquake has been so widely spread about the internet that Snopes felt the need to debunk it.

Deniehyfield, Australia is being dismantled takes more of an out-of-this-world bent on this type of story, but is still unsettling in a deeply creepy way.

Finally, my personal favorite, Has anyone heard of this city?! No one seems to remember it, and something horrific might have happened to it is absolutely fantastic. What if a city disappeared and no one remembered it? What if the people were caught somewhere else? It’s wonderfully written and packs a real emotional punch was well.

Did I miss one of your favorites? Let me know! Otherwise enjoy your Sunday!