October and Uncle Fester(ing ones)

Scary stories for your weekend!

Where did the last almost a month go? Not to publishing, where I have not had anything else to put out but did manage to create a new organizational post for my subreddit (I promise I’ve got a lot of fun stuff coming!), but October is here and fall has arrived and I don’t quite know where September went.

The podcast Curse Land, where I’ve been happily featured before, got together with me again for a narration of my recent story The Black Cloud, be sure to check it out here, I was really happy with this story (which started as a joke) and the narration.

What have I been reading? Well, NoSleep favorite S.H. Cooper has a new novella out yesterday I’ve been dying to get my hands on. The novella, the first chapter of which you can read for free here, is based on a girl remembering the monster who killed her father years before, and how years later she realizes the monster is real and still preying on innocent victims. Pick it up The Festering Ones in ebook or paperback.

I’ve also been (finally) working my way through Michael Wehunt’s collection Greener Pastures. It is just as good as promised, and while it is difficult to choose, October Film Haunt may be my favorite story thus far. It’s a deeply unsettling story about a group who locates the scene of a notorious cult horror film, and decides to complete shooting it, only to find that the film was far more real than they imagined. It’s terrifying and fantastic, and the collection is very much worth the read.

NoSleep is rolling out a Spooktober contest, where each day they invite stories related to a specific theme. Be sure to check it out and vote for your favorites, I hope to have a few in there by the end of the month.

Finally, a story that I really enjoyed recently is Something in the sea keeps leaving lures to catch me. It’s a spooky one where a widower continues to find increasingly elaborate traps around his home, designed to pull him into something waiting in the sea. I really enjoyed the atmosphere, and the ocean always provides such a great setting for spooky stories.

What do you have planned for fall? Anyone heading to see the NoSleep Podcast on tour? Let me know!