Soteira Kickstarter and Some Fun News

Sunday Scaries

I hope you’re having a good weekend! Autumn has arrived full force and I am chilly, but I find that preferable to the heat so I’ll take it.

As I’ve mentioned before, Soteira Press, started by NoSleep legend R.C. Bowman (Dopabeane) will be publishing my story “The Serpent of Woodsfield” in the third volume of a massive, three-part anthology entitled “The Monsters We Forgot.” All three volumes will be released on Friday, December 13th, and you can help Soteira Press (a small, independent publisher) and get some cool gifts by backing their kickstarter right here. This will be my first published piece and I’m extremely excited to be a part of this collection!

Two recent stories of mine have been narrated and you can listen to them now. Housebreaking, a story I enjoyed writing and was happy with, was narrated by Gothic Rose, check it out here, and “I run a cursed images account…” was narrated by Undead Storyteller, give it a listen here.

For work you can buy this week, two NoSleep authors I really enjoy have recent collections out that I recommend picking up. Check out Blair Daniels’ Don’t Scream 2 and Melody Grace’s Nocturnal Nightmares. Both are available on Kindle for under $5 combined, which gets you nearly 75 great stories (they also have very reasonable paperback rates if, like me, you enjoy holding a book in your hands).

Finally, I thought I’d share three of my favorite R.C. Bowman stories, given the countdown to “The Monsters We Forgot.” Because You Are My Baby is a haunting, beautiful story about loss and the things we do for the ones we love. In They told me I was nothing but a dog, a young girl with mysterious powers finds herself battling her enigmatic grandfather’s plans for her (this story is my personal favorite). Finally, The Puppet in the tree is about an urban legend terrorizing a child that will leave you questioning what is real and what isn’t.

Hope you’re all enjoying this weather and had lovely Halloweens.